Funny Holiday Weight Gain

So it’s that time of year again. It’s the time we pull out those hidden fatty pants and go to town on some turkey and pies, or tofurkey and gluten-free/vegan concoctions we pretend are pies if that’s your deal. The average person only gains about two pounds around the holidays. I always seemed to gain at least six. It’s the dressing . . . it calls to me . . . and the pecan pie . . . he’s pretty loud too . . . oh and don’t forget cookies, homemade candies, store bought seasonal candy, and potatoes cooked every which-a-way. Let’s just say there is a reason this blog is called Culture and CRAVINGS . . . I get cravings!!!

So far this year, however, I’ve actually lost around five pounds. I know this is because I’m not holed up in my tiny 175sqft Hong Kong apartment cramming five research papers into two weeks while keeping myself awake on a tried and true combination of nerds candy, Rockstar energy drinks, gummy worms, pop tarts, pizza, and salt and vinegar chips like I have been the past couple of months. You’ve already seen some of the delicious/healthy homestead meals I’ve been eating. I’m also saving my indulgences for my ultimate favourites and those special parties. On those days, calories don’t count. Personally I think anyone trying to seriously lose weight over the holidays is a secret masochist.

See even Santa has weight haters . . .

I’m also making plans to shed even more weight after the holiday seasons. I’ve purchased a three day juice fast program for when I get back to Hong Kong. I looked at two other options (, which are highly recommended. I decided mostly based on delivery and allergy needs. (It sucks being allergic to oranges.) Google some options in you area. Urban Remedy delivers to most places in the USA and comes highly recommended by people you don’t know, but I do. (

I also purchased Blogilates new fitness journal and her 12 week meal plan. I’ve loved reading the Blogilates Blog so I thought I’d give the 12 week plan a try. I don’t normally advocate set diets because I have no self-control prefer a lifestyle change. Her meal plan, however, is very doable and sounds delicious. Check it out if you need some resolution motivation.

Speaking of resolutions . . . It’s almost that time of year. Have you made your’s yet? I’m still working on mine. Tell me in the comments what you are thinking of dropping after two weeks working on this year. In the meantime, HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


5 responses to “Funny Holiday Weight Gain

  1. Great post! I love the “Do you know what I got for Christmas?” picture with the cat 😀

    Congrats on your weight loss! Keeping it up through the holidays can be tough, but that’s okay because this time of year is meant to be full of family time and delicious food 🙂

    in 2014 I have some steps I plan on taking with starting my own personal training business, and getting my blog in a bit better shape. I need to let the world know I’m coming!! 😉

    • Yay! I got a comment from someone other than my mother. HA HA

      Those sound like good plans. Have you been a personal trainer before? I’ve always wanted to hire one, and I almost did way back in the day when I used to run track and cross-country. Now I want a yoga guru who can teach me how to teach yoga. I’m a bit obsessed with the deep meditation high.

  2. Haha I totally still get that same “yay” moment anytime anyone other than my mom likes my blog share on Facebook hahaha.

    I just finished the personal training certification process this month; I’m waiting for my documents to come in the mail so it’s official! I’m sticking with my regular full-time job for a little while so I can keep a steady cash flow while I focus on building my business.

    I would love to learn how to teach yoga as well! Are there any instructors you see regularly you could ask to “show you their ways”?

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