Shopping Spree for the Holidays – I can find my size!!!

I have a tradition. Usually I do it in the summer, but this time I came home in the winter so I am forced to adjust. Whenever I leave China for home, I go on a shopping spree. It’s not that clothes are cheaper in America. I live one road over from Fashion Street in Mong Kok, Hong Kong where tons of outlets and factory reject stores reside. It’s because China caters to super skinny women . . . I mean super skinny . . . like an XL in China is a M here in America. Hong Kong has a little bit better plus size/normal size shopping because of the factories and international population, but it is still difficult to find clothes to cover my big, curvy booty. Shoes are especially hard.

Not to fear . . . I picked up these babies on Black Friday.

My first stop here in South Dakota was Goodwill. Sioux Falls has tons of second hand and vintage stores with a great selection. I swear people drive from all over to dump their top of the line goods in random midwestern outlets. It’s like they get here and crave the simpler things in life. South Dakotians are more than willing to take the more complicated goods off their hands.

This dress from Kohls, found at Goodwill, still had the tag on it.

Cardigan - Dress: Kohls - Found at Goodwill

Dress: Kohls – Found at Goodwill

I’m kind of liking doing my tradition during the holidays. The holiday sales are great. I hit Maurices on a day when everything was BOGO, and clearance items are full of summer goods. It’s awesome living in a tropical environment . . . well until summer comes . . . then it’s a hot, melty mess. I’m trying to find some dresses to beat the heat.

JcPenney Clearance

JcPenney Clearance

JcPenney Clearance  One SImilar

JcPenney Clearance
One SImilar

I’m also looking for some pieces that will be easy to throw on for class, but that I could use again once I go back to work. I normally never wear anything like the chevron top. Once I put it on, however, I had to have it.

Top: Bottom: Lane Bryant - Not Online

Bottom: Lane Bryant – Not Online

Don’t take it for granted that you can find your size. You wouldn’t believe how much H&M I own just because it was all that would fit me in Linyi. I am seriously sick of that store. It’s like eating a whole jar of peanut butter. You love peanut butter, but if you had to eat a whole jar . . . well you get the idea.

I know this post isn’t very Christmasy, but I’m tired . . . like pass out tired . . . so it seemed easy.

So tell me,

Do you have any times you go on shopping sprees?

Do you have trouble finding clothes or shoes that fit?

I really need a place to find shoes so let me know if you know where to get good size 10 & 11s.


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