Christmas was for Family . . . and Food!

IMG_0383Merry late Christmas! I hope you all had a blast. I took the week off from the blog to focus on family and food . . . especially the food. In all reality, this was a very important Christmas for my family and me. It was the first time we’ve ever had a Christmas with all four kids, three spouses, the grandparents, the great-grandmother, and all 10 grandkids under one roof. (I won the farthest to travel award, obviously!)


Christmas Eve and Christmas morning were snowy, blustery days. The boys all got out to grate the driveway and shovel the sidewalks. I stayed inside and cooked with the girls. Once everyone was back inside, it was time to bust out Mexican Train. My nieces and I were head to head, but it was my nephew, Thomas, who pulled it out in the end for the win.


IMG_0311The next morning started early, little kids and Santa you know, with stuffed stockings for everyone!


IMG_0364We actually opened most of the presents the night before and Santa visited each individual family at their homes. The gift giving and merriment were fantastic.


IMG_0339Christmas morning breakfast was cooked by the world’s greatest brother-in-law, and included sticky buns and biscuits with gravy.


IMG_0372All the cooking from the last few days really paid off with a gorgeous meal of turkey, ham, cornbread dressing, squash, green beans, Watergate salad, raspberry jello salad, creamed potatoes and gravy, rolls, and southern pecan pie.


IMG_0396We had a great time, but there was a small shadow through some of the festivities. My dad has been very sick. For many years we didn’t know what was causing his mood swings, confusion, and weakness. Now, however, we know it’s Lewy Bodies Dementia . It’s a disease that has symptoms of both Parkinson and Alzheimer. It’s a relatively unheard of disease. It’s a debilitating disease. It’s an unfair disease. It’s why my siblings and I traveled from across the globe to be here this Christmas. We don’t know how much time we have left with my dad so we decided to make the most of the time allowed to us.

The presents and food were wonderful, but it was the company, the family, that made this Christmas special. I will remember this Christmas forever. It is a memory I will cherish. Thank you to everyone who was a part of it.


IMG_0330So tell me,

How was your Christmas?

Was there anything that made it extra special?


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