Want to do a detox? I had a juice craving!

Photo on 7-1-14 at 8.23 pm #2

So I have secretly wanted to do a juice fast for years, but I never felt my will power was strong enough. Well now I am finally ready to kill my fat feeling strong enough to try one. I mentioned several companies in Hong Kong and the USA in a previous post.  I decided to go with Be-Juiced because they were cheaper and were AMAZING at answering my emails. They were even so nice and helpful when I had to keep changing the delivery date because of flight cancelations on my return trip to Hong Kong. When I am paying around $200 (yes I am crazy when I have a craving), I want to make sure the product and the service are superb.

I just finished my first day of the three day fast and wanted to give you some more information. Be-juiced makes the juice the day of delivery and delivers three days worth at a time. The juice is fresh and non-pasturized. You can choose between three levels of fasting and how long you want to fast. I chose level one and three days. Each day consists of six juices that must be drunk in order and around two hours apart. Unfortunately I had to substitute the first juice of the day because it had oranges in it, and I am allergic to orange oil. You are also encouraged to drink around 2 litters of water/herbal tea a day. I can also eat small amount of almonds, cucumber, avocado, celery, apples, and vegetable broth if I need more solid foods.

Photo on 7-1-14 at 8.24 pm

Here are the juices I am knocking down.

  1. Mr. B & Friends – broccoli, celery, fuji apple, pear
  2. Veggie Bomb – Apple, Kale, Romaine Lettuce, Spinach, Cucumber, Celery, Parsley, Lemon, Ginger, Spirulina (blue-green algae)
  3. Beet It – Beet, Carrot, Watermelon, Ginger, Flaxseed Oil
  4. Aloha Chiller – Coconut Water, Pineapple, Acai Berry
  5. Oh My Gazpacho – Tomato, Cantaloupe, Sea Salt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar
  6. Milkilicious – Cashew, Almond, Cinnamon, Sea Salt, Filtered Water, Agave Nectar

So far my favourite is Mr. B & Friends This didn’t surprise me because I LOVE CELERY JUICE!!! It is one of my constant, crazy cravings. I have literally eaten an entire bunch of celery before in one sitting. I just love the stuff!!!

Photo on 7-1-14 at 8.24 pm #3

The Beet It isn’t so delicious. I literally had to choke that one down and then chomped on a handful of almonds to help get rid of the taste. I also heated up the Oh My Gazpacho because my stomach just needed something warm to settle it a bit. I haven’t had any real side effects other that a very active bladder. My friend was laughing at me bouncing in my seat all through class today. I guess that means it’s working though.

I’m not expecting to lose a lot of weight by doing this. I’m mostly just wanting to exercise my self-control and drink a lot of good tasting juice. I’m also hoping to improve my skin quality a little bit because I’ve been getting random breakouts for some reason. There are actually a lot of health benefits to doing a short term fast. So far I would recommend it to anyone wanting to give it a try. Just start slow and be kind to yourself.

So Tell Me – Have you ever done a juice fast or detox?


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