What am I doing in Hong Kong?

A lot of people ask me what I’m doing in Hong Kong. Well the answer is simple – I’m going to school to get my masters in Global Communications. Apparently it’s not that simple because people can’t seem to grasp what Global Communications is. Considering I’m giving a presentation this week on the literally hundreds of definitions of the words communications and culture, I guess I can understand the confusion.

I got my butt kicked at the gym today so I figured it’s a good time to show you a little bit of what I’ve been doing. I hope this helps everyone understand a little more about Global Communications. I tend to describe it as communication studies meets international relations mixes with cultural studies and adds a heaping helping of internet studies. Each class is different. Take a look . . .

1456779_10151698165376736_519978046_nSo this is obviously a graduate studies program so I have to write a lot of papers. Last semester I wrote five papers. Topics included cross-cultural negotiation experiences, consumer practices as a way to communicate national identity, the use of Pinterest in political campaigns, and a 200 piece content analysis of YouTube videos that portrayed Chinese cultural identity.


A supporter listens to Republican vice presidential nominee Alaska Governor Sarah Palin during a rally in Bethlehem, PennsylvaniaI also did a group presentation on the gender gap in negotiations. My section focused on female stereotypes. I gave two examples: Google searches like “Women should . . . “/”Women shouldn’t . . . ” (give it a try) and the media portrayals of Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin in the 2008 elections.


I also did a group presentation on the Ethnography of Communications (a fancy way of describing cross-cultural communications and how something can mean different things in different cultures). I presented a case study of the recent drama over Jimmy Kimmel’s “kill everyone in China” comedy segment. Google it . . . It’s worth a read. 

pin19My favourite presentation was on Pinterest because . . . well follow me on Pinterest and you will see why . . . multiple times a day . . . all day . . . every day!


ImageProxy.mvcA very practical application was learning how to develop a social media plan for an actual non-profit called Plastic Disclosure Project. It was a group effort. I loved my group. We were awesome!!!!

Pin11This semester I am doing a special research project on current U.S. legislation concerning internet surveillance in light of the recent Snowden leaks. It’s going to be a lot of work, but I am super excited!!!!

I love my major! It allows me to explore a variety of disciplines and activities. It’s also very applicable to numerous career fields. I am still trying to decide what to do after graduation, but the education I am receiving at Chinese University of Hong Kong will give a great start no matter what I choose.

So tell me,

What did you study in school?


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