(About) My Journey

Macao Egg Tarts – September 2013

My entire life has been leading up to the inevitable – falling off my rocker. When I realised that fried scorpions and crickets with rice and bok choy was my favourite food, I decided that it had finally happened!  This crazy adventurer loves scary-strange cultures and cravings. I explore the unusual for those unable or unwilling to venture across the world.

For the next year, I’m working on my MA in global communications at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I spent the last 2.5 years in China. That’s where the cravings for unusual foods really started. I also went to the Philippines, Thailand, and Macau last summer, dining the whole way. During my undergraduate years, I also travelled to England, Italy, Israel, and Russia. My life has been far from boring!!!

I’ve been moving almost every year since I was four because of my parent’s divorce. The eight years I spent in Hattiesburg, MS for high school and college were kinda of like a social experiment in normalcy.  It had it’s perks, but then I was ready to hit the road again. This blog is a way to share my adventures with people at home. I wish I could bring everyone with me, but this is the closest I can afford.

If you want some general information about myself, then keep reading, but I won’t blame you if you don’t.

  • My favourite colour is peacock because I can’t decide between those particular shades of green, blue, and purple.
  • I was born on July 4, 1989. My parents call me Firecracker.
  • I loudly talk a lot, but I swear people do actually like to be my friend.
  • Some people say I am funny, but I don’t see it . . . Okay yeah I do. I think I’m hilarious.
  • I love yoga, running, volleyball, and kickboxing even though I’m lazy.
  • I write random things on a regular basis.
  • I love Jesus and credit him with my incredible life.
  • I refuse to have regrets even though I probably should.
  • Finally . . . I will eat anything once. You don’t even have to dare me.

Much Love Y’all,


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